Why We Exist

A long time ago - about a decade now - a handful of "Thunderbirds" fans who also cared a lot about creative writing, decided to create a home for ourselves. We wanted a place where we could share our love of the Gerry Anderson television show "Thunderbirds" and related topics. But we also, as writers of fan fiction for "Thunderbirds" and other shows and movies, wanted a place where we could help each other with our writing, and encourage each other. Basically, we wanted to make our own Tracy Island.

Our first endeavor was called Tracy Island Writers Forum, just like this, but was set up as a "Yahoo! Groups" group. We have existed there (not always peacefully, after all, there is the Hood) for all these years until recently, when changes that Yahoo! made forced us to reconsider using them to harbor our Tracy Island. Thus, the new Tracy Island Writers Forum discussion board, and this website, were born in September of 2013.

Our goals are still the same. We still want to talk about "Thunderbirds" and we still want to talk about creative writing. But now we have a sandbox to play in that's entirely our own, where no one can tell us what we can or cannot do, and the only restrictions we have are based on the restrictions of the phpBB discussion board coding (which is what our new discussion board platform is) and our own imaginations.

Whether you love "Thunderbirds" and want to share that with other like-minded individuals, or whether you are a creative writer of fan fiction and/or your own original stories (or both!), we invite you to register on the Forum and join us! It's fast, it's easy, and you have a whole bunch of people who can't wait to meet you and welcome you to Tracy Island!

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